Undergraduate Membership Report

The undergraduates were excited to begin recruitment this fall with zone days starting up on September 5th and running through September 8th.

Our zone day was that Friday September 8th, and we were excited to show off the generous new renovations being done to the house. The parking lot, new ceiling in the basement, landscaping, and work on the beach look phenomenal and we are very gracious for the updates.

I knew that we were going to catch a lot of eyes during recruitment this semester, so we were making a conscious effort to be selective and find young men that we knew would represent our brotherhood to the fullest extent of our expectations and traditions. We officially started rush week off on September 11th and it ran through September 17th with a variety of different events including a football watch party, a basketball tournament, and a wing eating contest.

Every semester we look forward to picking the next generation of Alpha Mu’s and we could not wait to extend bids to our potential new members on September 18th.

-Liam Keppler, Undergraduate Membership Chair