Who doesn’t love a good throwback photo? Well, we sure do have some throwbacks for you! Check out these photos John Kieser ’70 recently sent in of Pi Kappa Phi from back in the day. Here is what John had to say about the photo. 

Pledge Class Formal – April, 1966 – Note Gummy in the middle of the flick”


Spring get together – about 1971″

“Bob Wood, Bill Stump & Kies trip to Ft. Lauderdale, 1968. This flick was just before the state trooper confiscated our junk car. Obviously, he had no reason to do that. We took a bus to Ft. Lauderdale, and hitchhiked back to Penn State.”

“Probably about 1973, note Jim Mosteller, AKA Moose, who passed into the chapter eternal a few years after this flick.”

“This flick could be from the first Pi Kapp Reunion – 2003”

“Probably 1967 at 409 House, note Art Buffet, AKA The Whale, passed into chapter eternal.”

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