Steve Ferguson ’78: “It made me into a more open and adventurous person”

Stephen K Ferguson ’78 ( was immediately attracted to Pi Kappa Phi because of the easygoing brotherhood. “During rush, there seemed to be an easy, genuine friendship among all the brothers.” 

“The atmosphere in the house was spontaneous and fun. From my view as an outsider there appeared to be a cohesiveness and easy friendship among all the brothers. The house and the way it was furnished were very impressive.” 

One of his favorite memories is “the randomness of deciding with whatever brothers happened to be present to go on some poorly thought out and badly underfunded misadventure.” 

Ferguson gives back because of the formative experiences he had in the house. “Foremost, I learned the value of deep and loyal friendships. I learned to be able to be comfortable in new situations and around new people and make connections. It made me into a more open and adventurous person.” 

“I want to express gratitude for what my years in the house meant to me and I want those experiences to be possible for others.” 

“I think the alumni would develop an even stronger bond with each other if they could see the house continue to provide what we had to new groups of men. There would be a shared sense of pride in seeing that what we experienced could continue for others.” 

Without Pi Kappa Phi, I wouldn’t be so open to life’s adventures.