Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Mu Alumni Mentoring Program

For the 2023/2024 academic year, the undergraduates of Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Mu Chapter have decided to develop the first ever Alpha Mu Alumni Mentoring Program to strengthen the bond between alumni and current university members. 

The alumni mentorship program will pair one student with one mentor. This one-on-one guidance will develop a critical relationship between the student and the mentor.  Twenty -three undergraduate men have signed up for this program along with eighteen alumni. 

The alumni liaison for this is Harry Barfoot, Class of 1977. Harry currently mentors students within the Smeal College of Business and is an Advisory Board member for the Smeal Tarriff Center for Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. Andrew Brown, the undergraduate Historian for Alpha Mu, is the liaison for the undergraduates. Andrew is from Erie and currently is a sophomore Schreyer Honors College student pursuing an Actuarial Science major and a Statistics minor. He also is part of the Smeal College of Business Sapphire Leadership Academic Program

“The alumni and students are encouraged to meet more than 3 times a semester and are also encouraged to meet in person, if possible,” stated Historian Andrew Brown.  “The program is what each individual student makes of it. The commitment should be generally low for Alumni, but more effort will significantly benefit the student. Football games and any other weekends the alumni may find themselves in State College are great opportunities to reach out and network with the students in person. For most typical meetings, Zoom will suffice.” 

“This is a great opportunity for alumni to stay connected not only to the Alpha Mu Chapter but of the young men living in the ‘House’,” said Harry Barfoot.  “Each generation views their experience at Penn State and Pi Kappa Phi differently. But it was the bonds we built together over the years that enable us to still stay connected today. As an example, we had over 45 alumni play golf this past August as we do every year. It’s an exciting atmosphere!  Plus, we have decades of combined experience and skills that we can use to help support these young men who will soon be out in the ‘real world.’ “ 

This inaugural program will evolve over time. Anyone interested in supporting this, or to volunteer to mentor an undergraduate, please reach out to Harry Barfoot at harry.barfoot@gmail.com