John Kieser ’70: “Why I Pledged Pi Kappa Phi”

John & Anne Kieser, standing, 1933 Spring House Party

“My father was an Alpha Mu Pi Kapp in the early 30’s, per the above flicks. He and his future wife, my mother, attended a number of house parties. He always talked to me about Pi Kappa Phi and Penn State. I always thought I might want to go to college there and see what Pi Kappa Phi was like. After I did my preadmission visit to Penn State my father and mother took me out to the Chapter House. It was a Wednesday afternoon. T Burns greeted us at the door and took us around. I was really impressed with the house, the brothers I met and T Burns. We visited the Rod Room. After T’s tour and my visit to Penn State there was only one university and one fraternity where I wanted to go. I immediately knew that I was going to Penn State and that I was going to pledge Pi Kappa Phi. It was a decision I never regretted and one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have made so many life time friends from Pi Kappa Phi. What an incredible experience. The morning I was made a brother, there was my father, in front of me, congratulating me for being a brother.”

– John Kieser, 1970