Benefits of giving back to the Alpha Mu Chapter

It is no secret that being part of a group like Pi Kappa Phi is impactful throughout the remainder of our lives. We have heard from our brothers about the influence that the Alpha Mu Chapter has had on our futures, but what happens when we give back? This is what your brothers have to say about the benefits of giving back: 

Stephen says that even more could be done with more donations. “We could impact more young lives in a positive way and provide a living environment that is clean, contemporary and purposeful.” Stephen J. DiOrio ‘78

“I had a great experience at Pi Kappa Phi while an undergrad and I want to help support the opportunity for others to have the same meaningful time.” If more alumni give back, it would “help with having more resources for the current students.”Paul Rudoy ’83

“I think the alumni would develop an even stronger bond with each other if they could see the house continue to provide what we had to new groups of men. There would be a shared sense of pride in seeing that what we experienced could continue for others.”Stephen K Ferguson ’78