Here’s how Pi Kappa Phi impacted my life 

Pi Kapp is the place where we had a lot of firsts. It’s the place where we first ventured out of our hometowns, the first place we bonded to on campus, and the place where we first learned how to be real men. Read on to see what your brothers said on how Pi Kapp impacted their lives.  

“Foremost, I learned the value of deep and loyal friendships. I learned to be able to be comfortable in new situations and around new people and make connections. It made me into a more open and adventurous person.”Stephen K Ferguson ’78

“The leadership skills and lessons that are taught in working together with others for a common purpose and goal are not skills and lessons that are taught in a classroom. Creating those opportunities for today’s generation of young adults has never been more important.”Stephen J. DiOrio ‘78

“Some founding principles of The Fraternity are being of good character and having a deep sense of personal responsibility. They are good words to live by, and they have carried me far.” – Remmie Butchko ‘90

“It helped me know how to lead and interact with people who are very different than me.” – Paul Rudoy ’83

“There’s no question that it helped me in terms of leadership and social interaction,” he says.  “It has also helped me professionally. Steve Huang, a pledge brother, helped Borrelli secure his first job out of college. Steve Wydman is a professional recruiter who has filled over 20 property management positions at EQT Exeter. We have a great working relationship and enjoy catching up with other brothers when we are on the road interviewing candidates.” – Jason Borrelli ‘94

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